The Daylight Hours // An Experiment in Storytelling

Posted by Darryl on December 21, 2017 1:55 pm

It was an experiment. Put out a call to people to come to Parthenios, a downtown diner that closed in 2010, and go through the streets of Rockford — meet people and find out something about them. Get a story. Take their photo. Print them and display them that night at a pop-up show inside Parthenios, that we renovated specifically for this cause.

Initially it was an ask to photographery friends. However, it became apparant that it should be more inclussive. So, the call was put out to everyone. Citywide. It was promoted through the “Our City, Our Story” facebook page, the Rockford Register Star had an article, even Steve Shannon announced it on his morning show on 97zok.

This is just a sample of the experience people had that day.

Thank you to the subjects of the photographers, thank you to the people behind the camera, thank you to the people who showed up at the exhibit.

Pablo Korona
S.R. Brandon
Humble Beast Records
Krystine Vermeer
Eric Sorenson
Yunkin Keophomma
Frank Scheir
Arnie Dyer
Rory Blanchard
Andrea Mandala
Paul Dryden Stalter
Jeremy Klonicki
Vince Chiarelli
Ron Clewer
Irene Dyer
Dan Creviston
Lucha Cantina
Hans Rupert
The Parthenios Family
Chris Wachowiak
IBEW 364
Rockford Roasting Company
Sara McNamara
Jamie Kasper
Team Fur Bandit
Broadway Florist

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