Opportunity to Own Your Own Business

Posted by Darryl on October 23, 2017 9:08 am

Established Manufacturer’s Rep. firm specializing in LV and MV Equipment is searching for an outside salesperson calling on Electrical Wholesalers and end users.

Territory includes all of Arizona, Southern Nevada as well as part of New Mexico.  Our clients include Utilities, Electrical Wholesalers, Contractors, Industrial Users and the Mining Industry.

The person we would like to hire will be paid commensurate to their experience,  and succession is not only possible but desired.

The current principal plans to continue working as long as needed.  We do not offer a benefit package but would be willing to negotiate.

Alternatively, we would also entertain offers from other principles regarding ownership and/or merger.

Please send your resume to: job.opportunity.249@gmail.com.

October 23, 2017


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